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Windwos 10 PC series, Microsoft Qualcomm finally shot: the new Xiaolong 835 version of Win10 PC

June 5th 2017

Windwos 10 PC series – the new Xiaolong 835 version of Win10 PC

In the recent Computex 2017, Microsoft and Qualcomm announced the launch of a new generation of Xiao Long 835 mobile PC platform based on the “permanent connection” Windwos 10 PC series solution. It is reported that the key to the new program will highlight the performance and mobile aspects of portable, is expected to be the first batch of OEM partners will include Asus, HP and Lenovo, the estimated price will be 600-800 dollars.

Windwos 10 PC series
It is reported that the compact 835 chipset will allow manufacturers to develop thinner, lighter products, or expand the battery size, so to meet the needs of users busy day power consumption. Qualcomm claims that compared to traditional x86 laptops, users should expect the new solution to bring about 50% battery life, up to 5 times the standby time or higher upgrades, and when users do not use to wake up their equipment faster , While keeping them more quickly connected to Wi-Fi and cellular networks.

The new generation of the Xiaolong 835 program based on the Windwos 10 PC series is not the main game products, it does not support 3A-level masterpiece such as the Heroes of this game; and similar Minecraft can be perfect support, so a new generation of programs in life will be significantly improved The According to official sources, based on Xiao Long 835 program life compared to the traditional PC average can be increased by more than 50%.

In fact, for Qualcomm’s ‘Mobile PC’ mobile PC, its Xiao Long 835 chip has long been built into a large number of smart phones such as Samsung Galaxy S8, HTC U 11 on, but for the “permanent connection” Win10 computer, Focus on laptops and 2-in-1 devices, not mobile phones.

Windwos 10 PC series

Official said that the future will be joint operators launched ESIM virtual card, the domestic market Microsoft will jointly launch China Mobile launched related products. And the future based on Xiaolong 835 Windows 10 notebook system version will be based on OEM needs vary, but basically cover the Home Edition, Pro version and Windows 10 S and all other versions, of course, the future also look forward to more manufacturers to join the “permanent connection “family.

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