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Windows notebook computers to differentiate the direction of the forecast out of the configuration cycle

June 1st 2017

Windows notebook computers to differentiate the direction

Windows notebook computers has entered a high degree of homogenization from many years ago, in addition to the annual routine of the upgrade configuration, the very bright highlights almost no good can be Chen. Today, the exploration of new technologies has been fruitful, and some new technologies have appeared in the sale of the windows notebook computers. I am not in this hope is not far away from the high-tech, but to explore the past two years may have or appeared in the notebook on the fresh features, these new features will be dull notebooks bring a distinct difference in performance.

windows notebook computers

Gesture control represented by leap motion
Hand in the air to draw a few can control the windows notebook computers, which seems only in the sci-fi movie will appear in the scene. In fact, through the gesture control the computer has long been achieved. As early as 2013, somedech controller manufacturing company Leap released to control the PC and Mac leap motion, in August 2014 officially landed in China, the Chinese name “Li”.
Leap motion looks very much like mp3, through the data cable to connect the computer, after the installation of the drive, it can be more than 200 frames per second speed tracking hand movement, and accurately track ten fingers, the accuracy of up to 1/100 mm. You can use leap motion for web browsing and other operations, but also to build 3D graphics, playing the instrument.

Leap motion
Leap motion does not pick the platform, in Windows, Linux and macOS can be used, but also on the performance requirements are not very high There are already companies including Disney, Google, Autodesk announced that some of its software, the game began to support Leap Motion, which makes Leap Motion will be in more areas to display their space. And leap motion for the VR device provides a very good control solution. Compared to the handle, leap motion gestures are more in line with VR scenes.
As the leap motion volume is not large, and do not pick the platform, high performance, integrated in the notebook is very possible. But need to be clear that, because the mouse and keyboard operation in the PC is almost no shake the status of gesture operation can only be icing on the cake. From the current point of view, leap motion hardware and software are still in development, similar products will be endless. Gesture operation appears in the notebook platform is still very possible.

Leap motion can track ten fingers
In the movie “Iron Man”, Tony Starck through gestures to complete most of the work, it is estimated that many people are very envious. And integrated leap motion equipment similar to the notebook with 3D projection technology can also achieve the effect of the film. Of course, now it seems difficult to achieve relatively high, but one or two years later is not easy to say.

If the front of the gesture control is also a little sci-fi color, then the following will talk about the multi-screen technology has appeared in some of the concept of products. These conceptual products are not only in the design, but real real can use the physical products, but because of cost or capacity and other issues can not be large-scale production.

To triple screen as the representative of the multi-screen technology
Concerned about CES 2017 friends may remember, when the snake showed a very cool notebook products – Razer Project Valerie. This is a three-screen folding game prototype, composed of three 17.3-inch 4K IGZO display. Open the notebook, the hidden two screens will slide from the main screen on both sides, very fantastic. And later broke the news of this notebook was stolen, we can see the popularity of this product.

Razer Project Valerie
Regardless of whether the product is good or bad, the Razer Project Valerie does provide a way for windows notebook computers development. Due to size constraints, the notebook’s screen has been limited to several fixed sizes, 16: 9 13.3-inch, 14-inch, 15.6-inch and 17.3-inch are more common in several specifications, and later also appeared 21: 9 or surface Screen notebook products, but are only short-lived, and did not become mainstream.

What kind of notebook screen does the user need? 21: 9 and the surface screen is not popular because the reason is “different for different”, the size and shape of the notebook after several decades of development gradually formed, want to carry 21: 9 screen, is bound to need to lengthen the length of the notebook , In the use of inconvenience; the meaning of the surface screen is even smaller, the notebook due to the limited size, in the small size of the surface screen to enhance the effect is not obvious.

To triple screen as the representative of the multi-screen technology
So the best practice is to ensure that the shape of the notebook do not happen too much change to triple screen as the representative of the multi-screen technology is undoubtedly a better solution. And now there have been finished products, and the results presented by the very satisfactory. Triple screen is only one of the ways, the future may also appear dual-screen, or even four-screen, nine screen, which depends on the manufacturer’s design capabilities.

To triple screen as the representative of the multi-screen technology for gamers, designers and other users is very convenient, although not just need, but there is better than no strong, multi-screen brought about by the visual feel better than a single screen On a lot of Of course, the premise is to ensure that the whole thickness and heat control are in a reasonable range. To the current situation, the short term to achieve the possibility is still relatively large.

windows notebook computers

If the multi-screen technology is still far away from us, then the following description of the mechanical keyboard equipped with a laptop can already buy. From the MSI GT80 Titan to Lenovo rescuer Y910, and then to the mechanical revolution X7Ti-S, equipped with mechanical keyboard notebook gradually into the people’s vision.

Mechanical keyboard notebook has come
Whether the notebook or desktop users, if you need peripherals, then the keyboard will generally choose a mechanical keyboard. But the notebook external keyboard will have a lot of inconvenience, such as away from the screen far away, easy to carry out, notebook U mouth tension and other issues. The mechanical keyboard into the notebook is the best solution, the beginning of the MSI GT80 Titan is to do so.

MSI GT80 Titan
MSI GT80 Titan is a windows notebook computers released in 2014, MSI’s approach is very simple and crude, directly to the Cherry red axis of the mechanical keyboard into the GT80 Titan’s body. The advantage of doing so is the greatest degree of retention of the mechanical keyboard feel, the disadvantage is that the thickness of the notebook and the weight increase significantly. MSI GT80 Titan’s significance lies in the first notebook and mechanical keyboard combination, but the practice of mechanical keyboard after the development of the keyboard did not play a catalytic role.

Lenovo Rescuer Y910
Lenovo to save the emergence of Y910 mechanical keyboard really become a part of the notebook. Rescuer Y910 used by the mechanical keyboard is ultra-thin after the handle, the shaft height reduced to half of the ordinary mechanical keyboard, dedicated to the notebook. And the conventional mechanical keyboard slightly different, but the feel is not bad. But taking into account the price of 20,000, for the mechanical keyboard notebook popularity and negative.

Mechanical Revolution X7Ti-S is the mechanical revolution recently launched the game, equipped with mechanical keyboard and Lenovo save the Y910 is quite similar, the same is a specially designed mechanical keyboard, feel is similar to the green axis. The significance of the mechanical revolution X7Ti-S is that it succeeds in driving the development of mechanical keyboard notebooks. Because the mechanical revolution will be mechanical keyboard as a standard, ready to spread in a number of product lines, and the price does not have a mechanical keyboard and become expensive.

Mechanical Revolution X7Ti-S
According to the action of the mechanical revolution can be guessed, specifically for the notebook mechanical keyboard in terms of yield and cost, has reached a large-scale shipping standards, so the future appears more mechanical keyboard equipped with a notebook will be the trend.

to sum up:
Gesture control, triple screen and mechanical keyboard is the last two years is likely to appear in large-scale notebook technology, compared to configuration upgrades, these technologies better reflect the difference between the windows notebook computers. These three technologies, the mechanical keyboard is the most likely to become the difference in the short term notebook technology, I believe that more than six months or a year, equipped with mechanical keyboard will be fast in the notebook in popularity.



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