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Foxconn Decides to Postpone Work Resume – Tough Cell Phones

February 11th 2020

Tough Cell Phones – Foxconn Decides to Postpone Work Resume


Tough Cell Phones


Foxconn originally planned to resume work on (February 10) in order to continue to produce Apple equipment after the Lunar New Year holiday. However, affected by the raging new coronavirus, Foxconn cancelled the resumption of work.

Public health experts told Foxconn that after an on-site inspection, its Shenzhen plant was facing a “high risk of coronavirus infection,” and health officials were concerned that poor air circulation in restaurants and dormitories and the use of central air conditioning would increase the risk of infection transmission.

Foxconn’s largest iPhone plant in Zhengzhou, China, has also cancelled plans to resume work next Monday. In addition, Foxconn also canceled flight reservations for Taiwanese employees back to mainland China on Friday, and the company has told Shenzhen employees not to return to work.

Guo Mingxuan said that Zhengzhou Foxconn is the most important production base of the iPhone and is mainly responsible for the iPhone 11 series and iPhone SE2. The factory was originally scheduled to resume work on February 10, but it has now been postponed for at least about a week, with an estimated return rate of about 40-60%.

Guo Mingxuan said in a previous report that the epidemic of new crown pneumonia will cause delays in the production and delivery of new products and affect iPhone sales. It is expected that iPhone shipments in Q1 of 2020 will decline by 10%.

In addition, Foxconn’s screen production supplier Innolux will also temporarily shut down, and iPad supplier Compal Electronics also plans to shut down until February 17.


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