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Top tablets: Nokia smartphone will work exclusively with Zeiss Optics

July 14th 2017

Top tablets: Nokia smartphone will work exclusively with Zeiss Optics

Zeiss will work exclusively with Nokia Mobile to create an innovative imaging experience. Once again committed to the Nokia smart phone users to set up a new imaging standards

Nokia’s new home HMD Global and Zeiss ZEISS today announced an exclusive agreement to set a new imaging standard for the smartphone industry. This long-term cooperation agreement is based on the long history of cooperation and industry influence between Zeiss and Nokia Smartphones.

The two sides strive to enhance the overall quality of the smart phone top tablets experience, this experience and quality improvement across the entire ecosystem, from software, service to screen quality and optical design. In this collaboration, Zeiss and HMD Global will work together to define and define standard imaging capabilities and bring the Zeiss brand to Nokia smartphones again. The two sides are committed to continuously improving the consumer’s imaging experience, which reflects the common values of both parties, that is, devote themselves to the quality, craftsmanship and the desire to improve the real life experience.

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The cooperation between Zeiss and Nokia phones began more than 10 years ago, based on constant innovation and continued common enthusiasm for providing consumers with the best experience.
HMD Global CEO Arto Nummela said:

“We have been committed to providing the best experience for our customers, and working with Zeiss is a very important part of our commitment to this commitment.” Our fans want not only the smart phone lens, they also want to have a full range of imaging experience on top tablet, not only Only to meet the establishment of standards, but also need to redefine the standard.Our fans look forward to the realization of this desire, we will cooperate with Zeiss, for everyone to develop excellent imaging experience, to achieve the expectations of fans.

The exclusive cooperation with Zeiss further proved that HMD Global continued to work with the industry’s best and most respected partners to create a perfect experience in the design and manufacture of mobile phones, and promised to continue to bring consumers to the increasingly perfect smart phone and top tablets Imaging experience.

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