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Top tablet pc: The intel and spreadtrum’s new chip 9853

April 24th 2017

Top tablet pc: The intel and spreadtrum’s new chip

After the succeeds in the first 14nanometer cooperate chip 9861 with the mainland IC supplier supreadtrum, the Intel is prepare for the seconds 9853 to launch in the third quarter. It could be looks a two heavy punch of intel to develop the silicon foundry market, also as the top tablet pc market.

It is noteworthy that Intel and Spreadtrum co-operation of the first 14-nanometer chip in the early 2017 volume production, the second 14-nanometer chip has been planned in the third quarter of 2017 launched an offensive, under the assists of Intel, Spreadtrum 2017 4G chip shipments can be more than 2016 years 100 million level, and then grow more than 50%.

Analysis of the industry, By the help of the Tsinghua unigroup and Intel’s technology support, the spreadtrum has success in the 4G chips field. But it give great pressure to Media Tek, since He has failed in develop the high-end market, which always belong to Qualcomm.

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After the dissolution of the mobile phone chip sector, the Intel is still continue to develop this technology. Industry analysis, Intel and ARM, respectively, entrenched server and mobile phone two blocks of applications, over the years ARM vertical and horizontal mobile communication layout so that Intel deeply disturbed, afraid of ARM will eat back from the server side of the server, so in the field of mobile communications, like phone and top tablet pc , Intel must think of Checks and balances, fostering the mainland’s Spreadtrum to become an important strategy.

The cooperate of intel and spreadtrum is not only technology, but also the field of end consumer. It must be have great and profound influence on the field of top tablet pc and mobile. Let’s waiting more and more good chips.

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