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Reinforcement of the development trend of the Rugged Tablet PC applications

May 19th 2017

The development trend of the Rugged Tablet PC applications

What kind of tablet can I call the rugged tablet pc? Reinforced Tablet PC features and applications.

The rugged tablet pc

From an industrial point of view:

1. Endure the harsh environment

Reinforced Tablet PC front panel is generally aluminum-magnesium alloy material, hard anodized wire drawing treatment, protection class is generally IP65 protection class. Reinforced flat-panel computers, reinforcement of the computer are designed to meet the various harsh environments, the impact of computer performance on a variety of factors, such as system structure, electrical characteristics and mechanical structure, etc., to take the appropriate assurance measures to meet the various industries in the The need for mobile work in a special environment.

2. Light and convenient body

The domestic computer reinforcement field is gradually embarked on the road of specialization, strengthening the rugged tablet pc has been toward the small, portable, lightweight direction, more is the host, LCD, touch screen as one of the integrated structure of the flat panel computer, installation and maintenance Very simple, and beautiful appearance, widely used.

3. Fanless design

Most industrial touch panel computer with fanless design, the use of large area finned aluminum block heat, power consumption is smaller, the noise is also small, the battery is more durable, can better adapt to the industrial environment 24 hours operating requirements.

Based on the above characteristics, the rugged tablet pc computer in real life is also very wide range of applications:

1. Field survey and mapping industry application

With the rapid development of computer, ground measuring instruments and digital mapping software, digital mapping gradually replaced the traditional manual measurement methods, and became the mainstream model of surveying and mapping production, water conservancy and hydropower engineering, land management and other mapping business. The drilling industry’s hard and harsh operating environment determines that the information management platform must have four requirements: easy installation in different environments, PC-based internal SAP systems and company integration networks; equipment must be rugged, waterproof, anti-vibration; Can work in a wide temperature, the working temperature of -20 ~ 50 degrees; rich interface, to achieve real-time operating status acquisition, reliable data transmission. Therefore, reinforce the Tablet PC as the most suitable device for this application. In the process of foreign industry mapping, the development of flat-panel computer can be modified at any time, so that “station clear, day clear”, can effectively prevent the error, leak detection and retest, rework and other artificial mapping work can not To avoid the problem.

2. military, national defense industry applications

Since the advent of the computer, the reinforcement of computer technology and application by the military, government and all walks of life attach great importance to the current reinforcement of computer technology and application has become an important issue of China’s defense industry. According to the national “to adapt to the new situation, and actively explore the combination of military and civilian, the military in the people of the new ways, new methods,” the spirit of the instructions for the advanced reinforcement technology, equipment, products for national and military modernization, but also for China engaged in reinforcement of computer technology development, application of the unit to provide communication platform. At present, the field of defense is still a strong demand for the strengthening of the computer, the larger application areas, but other industries emerging markets also put forward a huge demand for reinforcement of the computer. Military computer research and development and equipment level of application is a measure of national defense modernization and military strength of the important scale.

3. Fire industry application

As we all know, the work of firefighters are at risk every day, tens of thousands of firefighters have been injured in the rescue process, most of these people are in the fire front and no equipment to cover the case of burns. If you can use some of the technology / equipment to fire in such a complex environment can still work properly, and can report the specific location of the rescue object, then you can reduce a lot of casualties. This equipment is undoubtedly non-reinforcement technology machine is none other than. The fire department has been looking for this technology and equipment, equipped with a fire truck equipment, the first time to obtain on-site information, command firefighters to carry out rescue, and keep in touch with the front of the fire. The device must be mobile and robust, 100% reliable; it must support existing wireless device (802.11); it also counts the use of fire engines, such as oxygen consumption, pressure conditions, to the operator; Need to have alarm function and evacuation notification, more importantly, if the firefighters can not accept the instructions, they need to be able to directly through the radio contact to ensure the effective progress of the rescue.

4. Drilling industry should be

Drilling platform for computer hardware reliability requirements are very high. Requires product explosion-proof, corrosion-resistant, system stability. Usually need to monitor the system using a redundant backup system (including software redundancy and hardware redundancy in two parts). Such as PLC CPU module and communication with the IPC communication module are used in a redundant way, that is, using two CPU modules, two communication modules, and the corresponding redundant control. The control system software runs independently on the reinforced explosion-proof tablet computer. Each reinforced explosion-proof tablet PC has a separate channel to communicate with the PLC. Through the management of the local area network, you can put the daily production data and a period of history to generate data, summary processing and transmission to the land production management department, so that management can immediately control the production platform, the future production plan in a timely manner Adjustment.

the rugged tablet pc

5. Power industry applications

Most wind farms are located on the desert or the coast. In order to ensure that the generator in the desert, salt spray, vibration, overheating or electrical noise and other harsh environments stable operation, the generator self-protection diagnostic function is extremely important, so the site operator will be very serious daily inspection. The timing of the daily check is extremely important. It requires the employee to record the operational data and send the data to the back-end data center server at the first time, from which the data is analyzed and the generator system state is proactive. In the wind farm, the use of reinforced flat-panel computer operators can be very stable and convenient to establish a connection with the data center to achieve data transmission and communication. This way, not only reduces the labor force at each job site, but also saves time and cost.

6. Food (meat) processing industry applications

With the gradual progress of modern meat processing enterprises to the information, automation, those traditional manual production by the production line data processing methods, has long been eliminated. Domestic strength of the front of several meat processing enterprises from the various departments, various workshops, various factories, are in the deployment of information automation system, taking into account the meat and poultry production workshop more harsh environment, most of the computers used to be able to waterproof, Wet, dustproof, anti-oil, wide temperature work, obviously, ordinary PC and traditional industrial computer can not meet the requirements. This requires tailor-made solutions for this type of customer. Special embedded the rugged tablet pc with its compact structure, portability, take up space is small, easy to install, etc., the most suitable for use in the food production site, from the statistical data, in recent years, the rapid increase in the number of the rugged tablet pc purchases, the author That the strengthening of the rugged tablet pc in the food industry in the future prospects of good.

7. UAV industry applications

With the development of high-tech computers such as computer, artificial intelligence and autopilot, UAV has developed into a platform for reconnaissance, electronic jamming and battlefield target damage assessment. Due to the particularity of the application environment of the UAV, it also puts forward higher requirements for the computer equipment related to its operation, detection and R & D. Changing scene environment, complex regional environment, unpredictable unexpected situation, these are ordinary computer equipment can not cope with. These products in the system calculation, system structure, system security, system reinforcement and high reliability materials have been fully catch up with the international similar products, set anti-vibration, compression, anti-drop, waterproof, dust, anti-electromagnetic interference and many other highly reliable Effectiveness in one, the indicators have met or exceeded our military standards, can easily deal with a variety of harsh complex environment applications. The unmanned humanization of air equipment is the future development trend, in this cutting-edge areas must have the ability to develop, and these are no reference, can only rely on independence, self-reliance, so a long time UAV research and development work are much attention. As with most of the secret technology development process, UAV research and development work are generally selected in harsh environments to test whether the UAV has anti-extreme environmental performance. As an indispensable computer equipment in the R & D equipment system, it is also a test of the harsh R & D environment, and the rugged portable computer is undoubtedly the best choice for R & D personnel.

More areas of application are not described here, concluding that the field of defense is still a strong demand for the consolidation of the computer, the larger application areas, and with the future development of science and technology and social changes in nature, the future , Is considered “military” to strengthen the rugged tablet pc will enter some special civilian such as air defense applications and some new industries.

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