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The global Tablet PC market continues to shrink, glory continued to push new emboldened

June 15th 2017

The global Tablet PC market continues to shrink, glory continued to push new emboldened

The global Tablet PC market continued to shrink the trend I am afraid it is difficult to change.

IDC’s latest report shows that the first quarter of 2017, the global Tablet PC shipments fell 8.5% to 36.2 million units, down from 39.6 million units in the same period last year.

And this is the global tablet pc market for 10 consecutive quarters to maintain year-on-year decline.

Has been regarded as a “laptop” subversive Tablet PC, in a few years after a brief glory, seems to have become a sunset industry.
However, tablet pc factory sales decline in the source of what? The future there is no possibility to regain the rally possible?

In this regard, Apple CEO Tim Cook has confidence in the iPad, after he had on many occasions that iPad will have “exciting” innovation appears.
Similar to Apple’s attitude, Huawei and its Internet brand glory on the Tablet PC seems to be constantly filling.

Recently, the glory of the flat 2, the glory and officially released the so-called “entertainment master” glory play flat 2, and “lasting fun more happy” as its important selling point, then, in the global flat-panel computer market continues to shrink in the context of , Glory continued to launch flat new emboldened in the end come.

The global Tablet PC market


The global Tablet PC market: from the new to the peak only lasted five years

Time back to 2010, when Apple has just launched iPhone and iPad, the mobile phone and computer market has brought great impact. Among them, iPhone all the way triumph, so that Nokia, Motorola and other traditional mobile phone giant is difficult to parry, and long-term occupation of the global smart phone market first or second spot.

While the iPad can also be described as the momentum of rainbow, sales continued to rise, from the initial quarter of 3.27 million units sold to the peak of a quarter of 26.44 million units, Apple only took less than five years.
However, with the Andrews brand Tablet PC and Windows Tablet PC market, iPad on the Tablet PC market dominate the pattern, it is slowly changed.

However, although the market participants become more, but the global Tablet PC market, the total volume quickly hit the top.

IDC statistics show that in 2014 the global Tablet PC global shipments reached 229.6 million units, compared with 2013, the global 2.19 billion units, an annual increase of 4.4%. However, it is worth noting that the fourth quarter of 2014, the global Tablet PC sales for the first time fell year on year.
Today, the first quarter of 2017 Tablet PC is 10 consecutive quarters to maintain a downward trend.

Although, including Apple, etc., many manufacturers still have confidence in the Tablet PC market, but the shrinking demand, the momentum of sales decline has not been reversed.

What is the decline in the performance of the lack of innovation and smart phone replacement effect caused by the superposition

From the product positioning point of view, Apple had launched iPad and iPhone is aimed at two different scenes, the former is mobile office, entertainment needs, the latter is the communication needs.

However, it is noteworthy that, with the smart phone-related technology continues to progress, smart phone standby time, mobile office and entertainment performance has been improved, making the smart phone on the Tablet PC obvious alternative effect.

Simply put, smart phones carry the characteristics, and Tablet PC mobile office only, entertainment needs, making a lot of daily activities in the scene, more users choose to give up the Tablet PC.

And this, including Apple, including all types of tablet PCs and smart phones are also a major challenge, that is: If the Tablet PC’s function can rely on smart phones can be achieved, then why users also need to buy or carry Tablet PC?

Therefore, iPhone sales continue to rise at the same time, iPad sales began to decline, it becomes a matter of course.
However, it is worth noting that in the Tablet PC leader iPad brand sales continued to decline at the same time, there are individual brands of Tablet PC to maintain contrarian growth.

IDC’s statistics show that Apple’s first quarter of 2011 iPad shipments of 8.9 million, for the first 13 quarter decline; and Huawei’s Tablet PC sales increased by 31.7%, reaching 2.7 million.

So, Huawei and glory Tablet PC with what can lead to growth? Just because the base is small? Is there any other reason?
Glory flat play: fear of continuous decline in the introduction of new emboldened?

In 2014, the glory released its first Tablet PC products. That time, it is the global Tablet PC market by the Sheng and the decline of the node.
However, because there is no historical burden, glory flat seems to have not been affected by the global flat-panel computer sales shrunk. The second quarter of 2015, the glory of three flat hair, only through a year jumped to the domestic Andrews flat first position.

And the glory of the recent release of the glory play flat 2 new products, selling the main hit “lasting fluency is not Caton”, can be described as the use of Andrews tablet users pain point.

As we all know, for Andrews Tablet PC, by the Andrews system, the Caton problem is not only common in smart phones, on the Tablet PC is also difficult to avoid, and become an important factor restricting the user to choose to buy products.

Therefore, in the Andrews flat product competition, which brand of flat-panel response to user needs, which Tablet PC can solve the system card is not smooth problem, which will be able to share in the limited market capacity to share more.

In addition, the flat product design concept, the glory plate not only broke the Tablet PC iPad no call short board, while in the Andrews flat market compared to millet flat, there are many innovations, including:

1) Storage, glory tablet storage support 128GB local expansion means that you can download or store more TV series, pictures, etc., can be very good to meet the needs of the user’s drama.

2) Call, glory flat support 4G calls, from the product concept is equivalent to “computer + mobile phone” integration, although the user will not commonly used Tablet PC call function, but when the smart phone power shortage and other scenes, but also very Good help users to solve the emergency call needs.

3) Model, the glory plate also supports children’s paradise mode, the equivalent of a flat panel to meet the needs of a family of multiple users.
In fact, many of the applications in the Tablet PC are “entertaining” function, to help children better learning knowledge is not small, but how to avoid children too obsessed with the game has always been the focus of attention of parents, obviously, Introducing the “child model” in the tablet can solve this problem very well.

Of course, the “child model” in the smart TV has been very common, and in the flat product introduction “child model” is also considered glorious micro-innovation.

It can be seen that the depth of mining user needs to solve the use of pain points and better meet the individual needs of users, is the focus of glory flat power, but also its flat sales to maintain the potential contrarian growth key.
Of course, this does not mean that the glory of the flat plate can “sit back and relax”, which only continue to focus on user needs, continue to force technological innovation, close with the market changes, timely adjustment strategy, in order to avoid the stage of growth.


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