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Tablet PC with Mobile payment, Sharing Bike, VR travel… What will science and technology bring to us?

April 20th 2017

Tablet With NFC Function Makes Life Colorful

In China, we can go to buy food or shopping without taking our wallet and pay by WeChat or Alipay, or even just use your mobile or tablet with NFC function. If you see a bike with QR code on the roadside, you can scan the QR code and ride it to anywhere just need to pay about 0.15USD by mobile phone or tablet pc with QR code scanning function. Using VR glasses can visit the beauty of all around the world. And even written articles can be taken over by artificial intelligence technology. This is the best of times.

tablet with NFC function


The past 2016 is known as the first year of multi technology, virtual reality, the first year of the robot, the first year of artificial intelligence and so on. With the breakthrough of the information technology, the information technology industry has become the world’s most concentrated investment in research and development, innovation of the most active, the most widely used technology in the field of innovation. A large number of leading industry, innovation and development of the unicorn companies have emerged.
The Sharing bicycle is the win-win fruit of information technology and real economy. In Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other major city, street everywhere red Mobike, yellow ofo and Bluegogo. It is a combination of GPS location, QR code, online payment and other technology to resolve the traffic problem on the last mile in a big city, At the mean time, benefit the the traditional industry, brought a flurry of orders for bicycle enterprises.

tablet with NFC function


The development of a new generation of information technology has just started, artificial intelligence has just begun development of VR/AR technology, various countries are eager to seize the opportunity, China does not lag behind at the starting line, this time relying on independent innovation still has a chance. Jack Ma, the chairman of the Alibaba believes that, based on PC chip, operating system and database. No matter in Cloud computing, mobile operating system, all mobile smart chip, or artificial intelligence, there is a chance for China still.”
tablet with NFC function

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