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Qualcomm selects R&S testing system for 5G RF transceiver

April 14th 2017

Tablet PC and Smart phone with 5G technology can be more excellent in near future


R&S (Rhodes and Schwartz) company will provide a testing system for Qualcomm SDR051 Series RF transceiver chip 5G engineering sample test. Qualcomm Technology Company Limited announced the selection of Rhodes and Schwartz, the 5G SDR051 RF transceiver test platform. Qualcomm to make more decisionsbased on the excellent performance of R&S support equipment and strong technology. 

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Qualcomm launched a Snapdragon X50 5G modem platform in October 2016, the initial platform will support 28GHz millimeter wave band, the design load transmission rate of 5 Gbps. It is estimate in the second half of this year began offering X50 engineering samples, prior to this, the need for testing and validating the performance of the completion of the chip.

Excellent technical parameters, good demonstration effect, as well as the stability and reliability of the production environment, prompting Qualcomm to select R&S TS7830testing system to test their new products. (tablet pc with phone call)

SMW200A is currently on the market can only provide 2GHz modulation bandwidth, frequency vector to 40GHz signal source, can support FSW to 85GHz at present, and the integration of the internal preselector, preselectors can remove the image, ensure the correct test spectrum. Of course can also be extended to external mixer 110GHz or higher frequency.FSW is currently available in the market only support built-in 1.2GHz signal analysis and spectrum analyzer bandwidth.

Roland Steffen, Executive vice president and Director of R&S said: “this shows Rhodes and Schwartz in the 5G testing and measurement field strengths, and the company continued to invest in the field of 5G determination, 5G technology will be widely used in Smart phone and tablet pc with phone call, we are very happy to work with Qualcomm in order to further promote the 5G technology.

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