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J.D.Dower: Microsoft Tablet PC wins the highest customer satisfaction

April 19th 2017

According to J.D.Dower’s 2017 US Tablet PC satisfaction study, Microsoft Surface has been rated as the highest overall consumer satisfaction Tablet PC products, score second than the second Apple iPad 6 points higher. This is J.D. Power released “Tablet PC Satisfaction Research Report” six years of Microsoft products for the first time topped the list, the company scored 1,000 points out of 855 points.

Tablet PC Products wins highest customer satisfaction

JD Power released the Tablet PC Satisfaction Research Report, which measures customer satisfaction in the tablet market by looking at five aspects: 28% performance, 22% simplicity, 22% Design accounted for 17%, cost accounted for 11%. This report examines 2238 tablet users with less than a year’s existing equipment, which was conducted between October and December 2016.

In this time J.D. Power released “Tablet PC satisfaction research report”, Microsoft in the market was named “best” list, and Apple was 849 points to get “better than most” title. According to J.D. Power, Microsoft’s victory this year is largely determined by its highest ranking in terms of functionality and design. The company has achieved high scores in a variety of preloaded applications, Internet connectivity and manufacturer support for availability of accessories. The last category highlights Surface versatility, and Microsoft Surface has the highest access to accessories compared to its competitors.

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