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2018 New Year Party of BES Tablet PC Manufacturer

February 6th 2018

2018 New Year Party of BES Tablet PC Manufacturer


Tablet PC ManufacturerLast week, BES Tablet PC Manufacturer held the 2018 New Year party with three other companies, and we prepared 4 shows, including dance, sketch, chorus and catwalk. The members of BES Tablet PC Manufacturer  have been rehearsing for this party for a long time, especially the dance panama, and we started rehearsing more than a month ago. We all felt this dance was too difficult to learn at the beginning, and we certainly would not learn it, but after a month’s rehearsal, each of us learned this dance.



Tablet PC Manufacturer


We arrived at the hotel by bus at 3 pm and the convention started after a short break. The first show is our dance.







Tablet PC ManufacturerThe second show of our company is a funny piece, see netizens. This humorous language and funny gestures make us all laugh. If you are interested, I can send you a video. Do you like it?




 Tablet PC ManufacturerOne of the last two programs is a chorus of our employees, this song reflect the values and spirit of our company. Another is the catwalk, this serves two clothing styles reflect urban and rural areas.

We have planned a lot of interesting games, including weather forecasts, pictures of you I guess, a frog and a warm hug and much more. And the game winner can get a gift, which attracted a lot of viewers to participate in the game. We won a lot of prizes in the game, we are very happy.


After all the shows ended, we sent 10.1 inch tablet pc to our guests, and sent the kids tablet to children. We enjoyed a delicious dinner; of course, we also have a good time.

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