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Tablet PC In Chinese Academy of Sciences announced the research 5G baseband and other key chips

May 2nd 2017

Tablet pc in chinese the next outlet is 5G communication

The next outlet is 5G communication, not only faster connection, and is expected to become the foundation of all things interconnected. Chinese Academy of Sciences announced the research 5G baseband and other key chips: alternative imported products


According to the Chinese Academy of Sciences Youth Online reported plans to spend 30 million yuan, for a period of 18 months, the deployment of the 5G chip industrialization project for a new generation of mobile communications, 5G chip and network technology innovation chain key to built with independent intellectual property rights. Specific to refine the target, is 5 ~ 6 RF and baseband chip and the core technology of networked product development and application verification.


The Secretary of the Institute of science and technology to promote the development, Yan Qing said, as the core technology of the 5G network, the 5G chip must be developby ourselves , otherwise the 5G era, there is still the possibility of heteronomy.

Yan pointed out that ADC, DAC, baseband chips and other 5G core chips have a broad industrial demand, but faced with the risk of an embargo, which highlights the significance of independent products. (7 inch google tablet pc-BES)


It is worth mentioning that in November last year, 3GPP determined that ZTE HUAWEI led Polar code (code for encoding scheme of 5G polarization) control channel, become a key part of the 5G standard. At present in the mobile baseband field, Qualcomm, Intel, HUAWEI, via master core technologies, including Qualcomm advantage, “the strength of Chinese team” needed to be strengthened.

Tablet PC In Chinese

The peak rate of 4G is 100Mb per second, the theoretical value of 5G will reach 10Gb per second, that is to say, full speed download, just a few seconds, you can download a high-definition movies. And 5G network has lower latency and buffer faster, for intelligent Home Furnishing need not connected with the device for this, let more access to domestic equipment as possible. (best 10.1 inch tablet pc in chinese)

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