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Don’t hand your kid tablet pc without these controls

May 6th 2017

Tablet pc for kids, how to control it?

How’s this for irony: while it’s the parent’s job to protect their children, kids tend to know more about tech than mom and dad – including how to navigate online.  Understandably, many parents feel helpless because of this “digital divide.” But common sense, smart software and parental controls can help protect the ones you love.

Tablet pc for kids

With tablet pc for kids, you can add younger users as part of the Family Features option, to help keep your kids safe online by filtering out some websites, allowing certain apps and games, setting time limits, and seeing where your kids are on a map based on where they signed into Windows (though it doesn’t work on all devices).

To set it up, go to account.microsoft.com/family, click “Add a Child,” and type in (or create) a Microsoft account or email address for each child in your home. You’ll now be able to set up appropriate website and app and game restrictions for their age, allow for shopping (or not), and review their recent activity.

If you have young children, you can also set up a picture password, where they can draw shapes instead off typing in a password.

Note: iOS devices do not support multiple users on a single device, therefore you’ll need to enable and disable Restrictions whenever you hand a device to a child, and get it back, respectively.

With Android, you can set up multiple users on a smartphone or tablet (running Android 5.0 or above) and then restrict a user account to block access to apps, games and features that might be inappropriate for your kids. From the top of any Home screen and most app screens, swipe down with two fingers, tap User (top right), and then Add user.

Tablet pc for kids

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