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Tablet pc 3g: Qualcomm aim the mid-market

May 17th 2017

Tablet pc 3g: Qualcomm aim the mid-market

Recently, the United States Qualcomm (Qualcomm) released Xiaolong (Snapdragon) 660 and 630 two smart phone chips, targeting the mid-range chip market. QUALCOMM’s market focus has been aimed at high-end models, MediaTek in the low-end market more strength. The Qualcomm company in the mid-market power, will have the impact of the previous market structure.

Tablet pc 3g

Qualcomm’s smartphone flagship product Xiao Long 820/821, Xiao Long 835 in 2017 success, Samsung, millet and other mainstream mobile phone manufacturers have announced the use of the series of chips, the current Qualcomm has occupied the global high-end Android mobile phone chip in most of the market. In this case, Qualcomm recently re-launched the use of Samsung 14-nanometer process Xiao Long 660,630 chip solution, to seize the mid-range smart phone and Tablet pc 3g chip market is very obvious intentions. For this , the industry believes that the hope that through the release of a new generation of mid-range mobile phone chip solutions, increase the intensity of the infiltration of the mid-market, comprehensive prevention of MediaTek’s plans to self-evident.

In recent years, the smart phone chip market is becoming increasingly competitive, Texas Instruments, Marvell, Broadcom, Freescale and so on have been out of this market, and gradually formed Qualcomm, MediaTek, show off most of the mobile phone and Tablet pc 3g chip market pattern (not included in Apple, Samsung , Huawei and other chip-based mobile phone machine factory). Among them, Qualcomm companies occupy high-end market, MediaTek occupy the low-end market. Qualcomm target market in the past to high-end, low-end areas are not strong, relatively speaking, there is no attention so low-end market. However, from the recent Qualcomm continuous action point of view, Qualcomm will change the situation in the low-end market vulnerable.

Tablet pc 3g

In addition, the deterioration of the relationship between Qualcomm and Apple is one of the reasons for its ability to strengthen the mid-market share. At present, Apple, Samsung, Huawei and other smart phone leading brand companies, are strengthening the chip in the internalization. In the past, Apple only developed CPU, GPU purchased from the UK Imagination, baseband plug-in way to buy Qualcomm baseband chip. But in the previous generation of Apple phones, Apple chose Qualcomm, Intel dual suppliers, and rumors that Apple will increase the proportion of Intel baseband procurement. Huawei, Samsung is also in the vertical integration of the model to strengthen the development of their own mobile phone chip. Millet company even plans to develop chips for mid-range smart phones. All of these will certainly bring a small impact to Qualcomm

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