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Tablet 2017: Spreadtrum opened the domestic mobile financial security terminal solution

December 19th 2017

Tablet 2017: Spreadtrum opened the domestic mobile financial security terminal solution

Tablet2017: Spreadtrum Communications (hereinafter referred to as “Spreadtrum”), as one of China’s leading 2G, 3G and 4G wireless communications terminal core chip suppliers, recently in the 2017 Spreadtrum Global Partner Conference with the Beijing Mobile Finance Industry Alliance, China UnionPay, China Financial electronic company, Beijing Zhongqing Yue Technology Co., Ltd., the United States and the United States jointly opened the domestic mobile financial security terminal solutions.

Tablet 2017, the widespread adoption of smartphones and mobile devices has made electronic payments ubiquitous, and people’s lives have entered the era of mobile payments. While we enjoy the convenience of life at the same time, security issues can not be ignored.

The solution is supported by the Beijing Mobile Financial Industry Alliance , which support the development of CUP TEEI and bio-certification multi-level certificate certification system, with open, safe and convenient features. MTPS, which is an important part of the “cloud” in the whole security system, provides a unified mobile finance MTPS Terminal access and management of the basic platform. By using CUP’s Trusted Enforcement Environment Technology (hereinafter referred to as “TEE”), embedded security components (hereinafter referred to as “SE”) encryption in the Spreadtrum chip platform, combined with biometric forward-looking technology to protect key security to prevent external malicious Analysis of attacks, so as to provide security for the payment of business data from the terminal to the cloud.

In addition, SE / NFC module  of the Beijing Zhongqing Jardine Technology Co., Ltd with high integration, cost-effective for the general device whom do not have the NFC function of the intelligent terminal to increase this function. The module has passed the gold country, CC and other domestic Safety testing organizations outside the detection and certification. As a terminal manufacturer, Gome will support the domestic mobile financial security terminal solution terminal landing.

The landing of Spreadtrum mobile financial security terminal solution Industrialization , will vigorously promote the mobile terminal based on the credible payment environment, which to bring an orderly development. While the secure mobile financial terminal hardware and software increasingly perfect will bring to disruptive industry linkage and upgrade.

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