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Smart phone call tablet and mobile devices with 5Gwill be launched in 2019

April 22nd 2017

Smart phone call tablet with excellent performance from BES

Few month ago, New equipment service strategic analysis department of market research firm Super forecast AMOLED EDS has forecasted , the world’s first commercial 5G mobile devices , such as 5G mobile smart phone call tablet or cell phone really need to wait until 2020 will be officially published. However, Qualcomm did not seem to think so. Recently, Qualcomm is a senior manager in an interview that the first generation of 5G smart phone will be officially in 2019 on the market, Qualcomm will provide the best 5G component for Cell phone and Smart phone call tablet with excellent performance.

In fact, although Qualcomm released the latest Snapdragon 835 processor integrated X20 modem is still only 4G specifications, but in 2016 October Qualcomm has released its own 5G modem family’s first product: Snapdragon X50. Qualcomm introduced this modem is extraordinary milepost of development of 5G industry, can provide 5Gbps peak of the hitherto unknown download speed.

Smart phone call tablet

It is said that Snapdragon X50 Qualcomm 5G modem is expected in the second half of 2017 a kind, while providing under orders to the needs of suppliers, in order to start development of 5G device. Qualcomm even believes that the first batch of products integrated Snapdragon X50 is expected to officially launch in 2018.

What Qualcomm said is nothing wrong , but in fact in 2018 will come just to 5G NR network and equipment, because 5G NR is completely independent of intermediate versions before 5G. So even more in 2019, equipped with Snapdragon X50 device was still only used for testing purposes only, more specifically, such equipment is only for testing the development of 5G network and norms.

Although the 5G technology has been developed for several years, the specifications are completely determined, but the next network spectrum allocation in various countries or regions of the work is not yet complete. In short, the final only to 2020, 5G network began to commercial, and at that time is still 4G and 5G and save the situation, then 4G will expand to function machine, smart phone,tablet pc with 4G LTE network connecting can gradually transition to the 5G network.

Smart phone call tablet


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