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Sale on tablets: white-hot competition in china market

May 9th 2017

Sale on tablets

“The new display is an important entry point for intelligent manufacturing, change the growth mode, must adjust the structure, upgrade equipment, that is, through technological innovation to achieve.” Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Division Deputy Director Qiao Yue Shan “2016 China flat panel display industry trends seminar” For sales on tablets, China’s flat panel display capacity growth rapidly, the global proportion continued to improve, but the global show industry demand showed a downward trend, competition is becoming increasingly intense, China’s flat panel display industry, how to upgrade the future development.


As Qiao Yueshan said, domestic computer annual output of about 350 million units, accounting for 90% of the world. However, the next period of time, China’s global production of the machine is difficult to continue to rise, will show a relatively soft situation. Machine demand directly affect the development of the panel industry, innovation driven to the future development of the panel industry is essential of sale on tablets.


Increasing competition to promote multilateral cooperation and win-win situation. At present, the product homogenization, vicious price war to make the market of sales on tablets more intense competition, the domestic types of enterprises have begun to re-development of strategic planning and layout, to speed up the integration of industry and cross-border resources, mergers and acquisitions, capital operation, brand building and overseas markets expand. In such a market situation, companies are increasingly aware of the need to avoid alone, to promote more Baotuan polygonal cooperation or alliance operations appear, so that their own more competitive, and to sustainable development.

sale on tablets

In addition, the industry is experiencing from the product consumption to product and service, from a single product to the system solution of the transition period, flat panel display + Internet situation has been rolled out, to show our industry products, channels, marketing and other traditional business model Came a great revolution. In the new economic development, the real channel channel barriers, innovation and cooperation model, the development of their own plans into the overall situation of industrial transformation, in order to symbiotic with this era win-win situation.

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