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Rugged Tablets with 5G Network

November 20th 2018

Rugged Tablets with 5G Network

According to foreign media reports, Youngky Kim, is the president and head of Samsung’s electronic network business. He said that Samsung will invest $22 billion in 5G networking and artificial intelligence technology, and ensure that the company will have at least 20% market share by 2020 when he attended the WSJ.DLive Global Technology Conference in California, USA.

Rugged TabletsYoungky Kim pointed out that the next generation network will completely unlock the potential of AI and describe 5G as “the oxygen of AI”. Youngky Kim said AI requires large amount of data response, and this massive amount of data can be provided by 5G networks instead of 4G.


At present, Samsung produces about 500 million electronic devices every year, so the company is well aware of the real market needs. From the revenue perspective, Samsung is also the world’s the largest electronics manufacturer, and successfully surpassed Intel last year to become the world’s the largest semiconductor manufacturer.

Rugged Tablets


Rugged tablets

NFC, Face recognition, RFID /ID card recognition,

FM, One/two-dimension bar code scanning, BDS(Beidou) module,

Infrared communication module/Hard intercom,

Tiantong satellite module, Temperature measurement


Youngky Kim also revealed that the production of Samsung 5G network equipment will be launched at the Austin Semiconductor plant in the United States. From the current progress, 5G may be commercialized at the consumer level next year, but corporate customers may deploy in advance.

Rugged Tablets


Rugged tablets

FPR, Face recognition, IRIS, NFC, Wireless charging,

Thermal imaging and Hard intercom (Optional)


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