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Rugged Tablet Android and Byeast Working Arrangements

February 10th 2020

Rugged Tablet Android and Byeast Working Arrangements

Due to the Spring Festival in China and the impact of the Wuhan epidemic, some product lines of the Byeast factory have been delayed, and we are also applying for resumption of work. Some customers’ goods have also been affected, and we are deeply sorry.

After the resumption of work, we will speed up the recruitment of workers and production of product lines, and reduce customer losses in the short term. Please understand.

The Byeast production plant is located in Shenzhen, Guangdong. At present, the factory has submitted an application for resumption of work, and production will resume in the near future. In terms of transportation, some of the cooperating logistics and freight forwarding companies have resumed work and can be dispatched on time after the production of the goods is completed.

At this stage, in order to ensure the health of employees, Byeast employees work from home, and everyone is in good health. If you have any questions, you can contact related salesman / product manager in time. The operation department and the document department are still operating normally in accordance with the annual arrangements.

However, due to the closure of the city, the number of returning workers will be relatively reduced after February 9. Byeast will make efforts to arrange sufficient production line manpower to maintain the factory operation. The direct impact of the supply of some raw materials on the market is limited, but if the epidemic situation is prolonged, it may affect the originally planned production plan. Please understand.

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rugged tablet android

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Besides, external TF card support up to 32GB and Bluetooth 4.0, OTG function.

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