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Phone call tablet pc – South Korean companies such as Samsung, LG resume factory operations in China

February 13th 2020

Phone call tablet pc – South Korean companies such as Samsung, LG resume factory operations in China

Phone call tablet pc

According to foreign media reports, Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics and other Korean companies resumed operations in China today.

Previously, due to the Chinese New Year holiday and the outbreak of a new corona virus, these South Korean companies had to temporarily close some factories in China. Similarly, these South Korean companies have extended the Spring Festival holiday due to the spread of new corona virus.These companies will now resume production on Monday, although some product facilities may resume production later this week.
Samsung Electronics said that it will resume production at its TV factory in Tianjin and a home appliance factory in Suzhou. At the same time, LG Electronics also said that the company’s seven production plants in China will resume production on Monday, including plants in Nanjing and Tianjin, although production at some plants may be delayed due to the extension of the Spring Festival holiday.

In addition, LG Display said that the company will restart its display module production lines in Nanjing and Yantai.

Although companies such as Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics have closed factories for at least a week, these companies said they have the potential to make up for production losses. However, some companies, especially those that require more manpower, say it may take some time for their production to reach normal levels.

In addition to Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics resuming operations in China today, many other companies have also resumed production in China.

Foreign media reported that Tesla’s Shanghai plant will resume production today. Previously, affected by the epidemic, the company temporarily closed its new factory in Shanghai, which would delay the production and delivery of domestic Model 3.

Apple supplier Pegatron’s factory resumed work on February 3, with a return rate of about 90%, but it is estimated that employees will leave after payroll in February, with a return rate of 60% to 70%.
Earlier, foreign media reported that iPhone assembler Foxconn already working to resume production. But now, it is reported that Foxconn has postponed at least about one week, and the estimated return rate is about 40% to 60%.


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