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Offer tablet: How the tablet will be

May 5th 2017

Offer tablet: How the tablet will be?

Look at a set of data first
We first look at the first quarter of 2016 Tablet Tablet sales report, the first quarter of the total sales of 46.7 million units, down 10% over the same period last year, down 33% over the previous quarter. Specific to shipments, Apple 22%, Samsung 14%, Amazon 5%, Lenovo 5%, Huawei 4%. More than 3 percent of the income was Apple’s go, although the Andrews camp accounted for 64% of total sales, but only won the entire market revenue of 41%. Although sales continued to decline, but the flat average price remained at $ 241 high (about 1580 yuan), indicating less and less low-end products.

offer tablet


Android tablet decline
What can we see from all of the above? The first Android tablet down. Because Andrews tablet and mobile phone is basically homologous, the same hardware and software. In Andrews rarely on the special flat-panel software, ordinary software is also very little for the plate optimization. So there’s no reason to choose tablet, maybe the mobile with large screen is enough.

Apple is not good
The second apple live is not moist, but compared to other manufacturers much better. Apple launched the iPad Pro series, although not to prevent the overall decline in sales, but a single product profits rose sharply to make up the lost. And iPad Pro on the government-enterprise market is very attractive attraction. For individual consumers, Apple can control the size of the phone to avoid the formation of their own offer tablet too serious interference.

Windows join in tablet market
Third, Surface Pro’s surprisely appearance to ipad, then it began to focus on raising the flat plate productivity. However, for the productive environment, Apple’s iPad Pro is to create a new system of productivity. But Windows has a natural advantage, itself is a traditional productivity platform, and now try to maintain the advantages of productivity at the same time, towards the development of offer tablet. Although the Windows 10 touch experience and Android / iOS gap, but the addition of electromagnetic pen can increase productivity while improving the touch experience.

offer tablet

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