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Latest Laptop: the possibility of fold screen

May 8th 2017

Latest laptop: the possibility of fold screen

With the launch of the Samsung S6 edge, the concept of flexible screen has been understood by everyone. And as a real flexible folding phone, it is likely to be the next challenge for the smartphone market. Kolon Industries, a Korean firms, believes that there will be three to five companies in the future that will launch a collapsible mobile phone product in 2018, later will be develop to more product, like latest laptop or tablet.


Kolon Industries made this argument is not unfounded, the company is currently the only company in the world to produce flexible film manufacturers, because the flexible film can easily replace the rigid glass surface can’t be folded, folding equipment is essential elements The Kang Chung-seok, head of Kolon Industries, said the first collapsible device is expected to be released in 2017 with a bend radius of around 5mm. (The smaller the bending radius, the higher the flexibility of the material) As for the more favorable 1mm curvature (almost to make the phone fold), But it may bring some security problems. So It could be predict that most company should test on 5mm latest laptop.

latest laptop

Meanwhile, University of British Columbia also has developed a new type of flexible sensor that meets the requirements of future folding devices for sensors. The sensor is a high conductive gel between the layers of the silicone, which can detect different types of touches, including sliding and percussion, and can be stretched, folded or bent.


Assuming that the table is folded into the size of the phone into the pocket of the phone, or the artificial skin senses physical activity and vital signs, it is possible to realize the reality through their new and cheap sensor. Maybe we could see more and more new material was launched in the near future, so let’s to expect to the coming age of folding screen.


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