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Large Tablet pc for dogs released

July 6th 2017

Large Tablet pc for dogs released

According to the British “Daily Mail” reported on June 24, the researchers recently developed a specially designed for the dog large tablet pc, the dog can be through the tablet in the owner when the risk of foreign help, send short message can call The How about it?

This unique tablet not only allows the dog to send text messages but also to help them locate, so that the dog owner is easy to find them.

At the same time, when the owner is in danger, the pet dog can also help through this device, especially for the elderly, reducing their risk of accidents.

Animal Science and Technology Research Institute of Dr. Melody Jackson also recommended this device, she felt that this device can be a personal ambulance, and sometimes it can even save lives. The combination of pets and technology can greatly change people’s lives and the exchange between the owner and the dog. Whether it is home pets or working dogs need to have a good communication with the owner.

People like dogs … Wang Xing people dedicated large tablet pc release: worship service

Researchers according to the characteristics of the dog itself to design this product, such as flat buttons are blue or yellow, because our dogs can not recognize the red and green. The button is only three, this is to prevent the dog to an excitement to the wrong. Wearing a dog in the vest can send information at any time, while sending the dog’s position to the owner.

Magic is far more than these, the vest on the sensor can also send voice phrases, so that the surrounding people realize that the dog owner encountered a danger.

People like dogs … Wang Xing people dedicated large tablet pc release: worship service

large tablet pc

The same time as the above-

So how did the dog use the tablet to send out the news?

The researchers used the German shepherd dog to do the demonstration, when the word “help”, the dog realized that there may be dangerous, they will use the nose on the plate dial 911, then connected with the tablet computer will choose to call the phone To family, doctor or direct alarm.

The ultimate goal of researchers is to let the dog and people to further communication, even if not the owner of the dog, but also understand the dog’s intention. Of course, this is the time to complete, it seems to know one or two “dog language” in the future is not difficult.

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