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Intelligent Story Robot – The Benefits and Choices of Smart Robots

March 12th 2019

Intelligent Story Robot – Benefits Your Child can Gain by Having a Robot

Intelligent Story Robot is one with relatively high developed intellect similar to the ones in humans. A center computer plays the most vital part and is directly related to a person operating it. Most primarily, it can behave according to instructions set. Since kids are naturally open and inventive, as you get a robot for your child, he’ll discover that the combination of part human, part machine, both liberating and enchanting. That said, here are benefits your child can gain by having a intelligent story robot.


Intelligent Story Robot

There are three types of content classification: stories, children’s songs, learning. What’s more, there are more features designed specifically for kids.

◆ Karaoke

Connect with Microphone, children can learn to sing songs together. Enjoy the Karaoke.

◆ Story

Intelligent robots can tell stories, that it can let children get some inspiration and know more knowledge.

◆ MP3 Player

Supports playing online or local MP3 content, which can be voice-on-demand, looped, and manually switched to the previous or next track.

◆ APP Voice Talk

Parents can voicemail with robot from far distance to make contact with kids at home.

◆ Ask & Answer Questions

After long press the Voice button, you can ask any questions to the robot, robot will answer your questions after release the voice button.

◆ Eye Protection

Zero radiation to protect children’s eyes.


Intelligent story robot can accompany and tutor children. Improve children’s interest in learning and help children learn.

Intelligent story robot future to satisfy children’s curiosity, the desire for children to explore the world is not alone. The baby toys are now updated quickly, with high prices and low practicality. This robot is not only a toy but also more accompany! Good teachers and helpful friends! Send loved ones friends, send children, real preferred products! The price is not high. There are many model optional, different styles, different functions.

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