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The failure of intel on tablet with laptop chips market

March 7th 2017

The failure of intel on tablet with laptop chips market

Today’s fast-growing tablet with laptop market can be said to be built on ARM’s microprocessor technology, and ARM is only a small British chip design company, it does not have the ability to mass production chips. Before the iphone appear, its market share even hard to match the Intel’s advertising budget.


On the other hand, Intel has been firmly in the forefront of the chip industry since it launched the Intel 4004, which swept the world in 1971.


So why the the reverse happen after the iphone came out. Let’s talk about the how the intel create the “Wintel” monopoly empire. At first, there is no doubt that Intel will continue to maintain chip leadership performance leadership, and Xeon (Xeon) will continue to be the highest representative of CPU performance. Nobody could said its ARM CPU could match intel’s X86 ones in five years, even 10years. The reason why the failure happen, not because of outdated x86 instruction set architecture (ISA) is flawed, nor is the performance of the ARM architecture parameters more efficiently. It just could sum up to the enclose architectural. For Windows complex software platform or tablet with laptop, once it is compiled for a particular architecture, and then re-compile and optimize for another architecture will be very difficult. So as the X86. Almost all window tablet belong to the x86 architecture, but some failure and test model. It means if you need window pc, the intel chips also necessary. There’s no other ways for choice. Then Intel and Microsoft can use their technology to grab a lot of wealth, in the PC prices repeatedly pushed up at the same time so that system integrators can only be divided from the meager profits.


So there’s few factories like to cooperate with intel, when the smartphone’s aging coming. They are more willing to use low-cost, universal ARM architecture. Although most ARM chips are behind the performance of Intel chips. No one will like to cooperate with someone whom always make your profit squeeze. They are afraid to be subject to the same trick. No matter how excellent you are.

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