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Google for tablet: the defect on intel mobile chips

June 29th 2017

Google for tablet: the defect on intel mobile chips

Intel has tried to open the smartphone and google for tablet processor market, but eventually it failed, losing billions of dollars. Now, a Brazilian tablet pc factory focus on Intel’s dismal mobile chips, declaring that part of the chip is flawed. But by the third quarter of 2016, consumer complaints about Intel’s mobile phones had soared. Last December, Qbex decided to stop selling these phones.

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Brazilian mobile phone maker Qbex Computadores filed suit against Intel in the US District Court in California on Monday. Qbex said in the indictment that they sold thousands of mobile phones containing Intel SoFIA chips, but because of Intel’s chip design flaws caused by overheating problems, these phones and google for tablet have a fire phenomenon. Qbex said 35,000 users have complained to the problem, 4,000 users have filed a lawsuit in Brazil.

Intel responded that the mobile products problem is not their fault. “We are reviewing the allegations in the complaint and we will conduct a thorough investigation,” the company said in a statement. “However, there is no evidence that Qbex ‘s overheating problem is caused by our products. 2015, Qbex and Intel reached an agreement to sell in China, the use of Intel’s low-end mobile chip SoFIA no manufacturer’s trademark smart machine, like smart phone and google for tablet . The new products has a Qbex logo and a “built-in Intel processor” label. And just over a year ago, Intel announced the abandonment of SoFIA and related versions of the Atom processor product line, which is mainly in the low-priced Tablet PC and mobile phone market and ARM chip competition. Mobile Atom chip development is one of the biggest failures in semiconductor history. Intel spent billions of dollars to design and produce the chip, and then to the hardware manufacturers to pay billions of dollars to promote their use of the chip, but failed to set off a wave in the market, and ultimately in 2015 closed the entire project.

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