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Good Tablet market: Xiao Long 835 and Windows combined

August 14th 2017

Good Tablet market: Xiao Long 835 and Windows combined

With the rise of the two-in-one Tablet PC, a large wave of Intel-core products appear on the market, because after Windows does not support a Qualcomm as the representative of the ARM camp, so the use of Windows 10 system two-in-one flat all Intel Of the world, but this situation will soon change. Not long ago, WinHEC Conference, Qualcomm, Microsoft officially announced the ARM-based Xiao Long processor to support a complete Windows 10 system, we may soon see the opportunity to ARM chip Windows 10 two-in-one Tablet PC.

good tablet market

Xiao Long 835 and Windows combined with good tablet market
Qualcomm United Microsoft announced that ARM-based Xiao Long processor can support a complete Win10 system

In the demonstration, based on the simulator mechanism, a Xiaolong 820 + 4G + Win10 Enterprise Edition notebook computer, can run without modification of the * .exe applications, including Photoshop, Office, the tank world, and can smooth play super Clear video. According to Microsoft and Qualcomm aspects of the news, the first ARM chip Win10 computer will be based on 10nm Xiao Long 835 to build next year is expected to debut, as is not the CES show in January, we are looking forward to.

good tablet market

Xiao Long 835 and Windows combined with good tablet market
The demonstration uses the Xiao Long 820 processor

According to Digitimes news, OEM manufacturers have begun to test based on the ARM chip notebook, flat 2-in-one product is expected to be in the second half of 2017 to market, Intel will be a day of independence. Of course, Qualcomm and Microsoft’s cooperation is likely to attract such as MediaTek, Samsung and other ARM chips to join, which will be PC, notebook and good tablet market to bring long-lost vitality.

To say something, there have been rumors that Apple will be part of the MacBook using their own A series of processors, do not know Apple A series of applications in the MacBook on the progress of how?

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