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Tablets, What Else Is Important When Buying?

March 29th 2017

Beyond the price tag and brand name, tablets come with a wide variety of strengths and weaknesses for home users. Consider the following factors to make sure the tablet you purchase best fits your needs.

Windows Tablets

All in the Family: Integrating Your Tablet Into Your Home
Most home tablets run Google’s Android operating system, Apple’s iOS or Windows. Generally, tablets are designed to be an extension of a larger hardware family. For instance, Android smartphones are built to easily work alongside Android tablets or home theater peripherals. If your home already has gadgets built with a certain software platform, getting a tablet that runs the same operating system can provide additional functionality.


Applications & Platform Limits: Dealing with Digital Rights Management
Like hardware, content purchases are designed to work best within the same operating system ecosystem. For instance, if you buy a game on an Android smartphone, you could also download it for free on your Android tablet. Conversely, purchases are rarely compatible across platforms. As an example, a game that you purchased on Google’s store couldn’t be played on an iPad. If you already have a large library of purchases on one platform, jumping platforms can be a potential hurdle.


Storage Space: Taking Your Files on the Go
As portable as tablet can be, their slim dimensions can come with hardware compromises. Unlike laptops – which feature hard drives with spacious storage sizes of at least 256GB to 1TB – tablets generally sit at around the 16GB to 64GB storage range. Although most tablets can be supplemented with an SD card for additional file space, the base storage capacity is still an important part of your device. While 16GB tablets are fine if you exclusively use your tablet for web browsing, small capacity tablets have limited space for most mainstream users. Content like apps, movies, photos and songs can quickly take up considerable space on your device.


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