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Do you have vacation syndrome?

March 8th 2018

Vacation syndrome, do you know that?

Some people feel uneasy after a long vacation, and even feel fear of going to work. This disease is called vacation syndrome. As the name suggests, is to maintain a lazy state during the holidays, once started after unable to adapt to the accumulation of work and too fast pace of life. Resulting in a few days before the start of sluggish work efficiency.If you are tired and sleepy now do not want to go to work. Then congratulations, you may suffer from holiday syndrome!

In fact, as long as there is a transitional period, the office workers will have a process of replying to the status, and they will be able to quickly put into work. Give yourself a gift to encourage yourself, or bring your portable entertainment tools, play a game on the way to work, can make themselves faster out of the lazy state. we recommend several cost-effective Tablet PC to you, whether it is now used to respond to the state, or future work and entertainment, can satisfy everyone.

windows tablet




BES W1001Q windows tablet with a 10.1″ HD (1280 x 800) display, everything will look crisp and clear. Plus with IPS technology, you won’t lose any details or colour saturation when viewing the screen from wide angles.




android tablet




BES-A7001 android tablet carries the Bluetooth 4.0, OTG function, dual camera, you can take pictures and enjoy online chat via the powerful cameras, enjoy its wonderful entertainment and convenient community.




4g android tablet


BES-MP1001T 4g 10 inch tablet could support the 2G/3G/4G call at same times, and all communication mode, also the matched channel is independent without disturbing each other.


10 inch 4g android tablet, high density pixel and 800:1 picture contrast, makes your mind felt realistic color and exquisite picture when you watch vedeo, have a great fun and give you surprise when you are entertaining.


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