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Environmental protection activities

March 7th 2017

Environmental protection activities, tablet to buy in BES


On March 18, several wonderful BES staffs (we have best tablet to buy) joined together for a volunteer beautification project of picking up trash along the seaside of Dapeng. It is really bad experience to see garbage scattered all over the beach. Something need to do to help our beautiful blue sea, so our cute members they were equipped with gloves , grab big bag and start picking up the cans and trash.

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We spent 1 hour on this volunteer project. Around 50 kilograms trash was picked up. With our efforts, the beach seems cleaner than we started picking, it is happy to make some ways to help out and make a difference.

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What can you do in an hour? Maybe you can use it for shopping, playing games or anything else. But maybe you can also join the volunteer team to pick up trash, it’s like EVERYONE should know it’s important to keep our planet as clean as possible and picking up trash is the easiest thing to do garbage. We love our environment & hope others spend time keeping them beautiful, too. Even if you do not have time on it, please!

When you try to throw something in the trash and miss completely & think about picking it up for a slight second, please do not leave garbage anywhere especially for glass pieces

Because you are not only putting your life at danger, but others lives as well. Do not be selfish and trash the beaches this spring break.


We, BES company, best tablet to buy manufacturer will take the responsibility to protect our environment and do our part to keep our earth beautiful by picking up any trash they see around property!

BES, be your best choice!

BES, always be your needs!


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