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Best Android Pad VS AR Application

April 22nd 2017

Best Android Pad VS AR Application

Nowadays, with the rapid development of technology, the unbelievable AR application had make the magic ,which we could found in film only, into reality. In the AR world, even without any screen as a carrier, by recording and reproducing light field will be able to complete the virtual object display. Then the problem followed, Some people say that AR turns the world into a screen that makes the show really ubiquitous. So the question comes, when the AR technology is mature, will subvert the existing flat panel display industry, like phone and best android pad?

AR, to some extend, will have a certain impact on the flat panel display industry, but the market segment is different. At least for now, the AR technology has big problem on display and resolution. By the way, the higher cost is also a big problem to mass produce. To compare with the tablet pc and phone, the AR must be improve the ppi and color gamut. Meanwhile there are the signal processing, optical devices and many other issues to be solved.

It can be said, AR subversion flat panel display industry is not easy, but we may wish to Imagine, in the future AR era, is it really do not need to display the screen? Honest speaking, AR and display panels are two different display modes, each with application areas. AR can be used in many scenes, the traditional display devices can not come in handy, but at this stage AR is not enough to completely replace the traditional display, tablet pc and phone will be used in our life . AR shows the relationship with the traditional display is like mobile phones and computers, although the mobile side to occupy a larger market, but people still can not do without the computer, tablet and smart phone. There’s no conflict between them, but to a certain extent complementary.

Future display may go to the screenless era, but the process will be very long. Now AR / VR technology is not mature. Let’s wait and see what happens.

best android pad

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