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Androidtablets: the new cooperation between Qualcomm and Lenovo

June 6th 2017

Androidtablets: the new cooperation between Qualcomm and Lenovo

According to reports, Qualcomm announced today that it has entered into a new partnership with ASUS, Lenovo and HP to develop a new family of Androidtablets driven by the Xiao Long 835 processor family.

Qualcomm announced the agreement at the Taipei Computer Show on Wednesday. Under the agreement, ASUS, Lenovo and HP will be the first batch of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to develop mobile phones and Androidtablets driven by Xiao Long 835.

One of the strengths of the Xiaolong 835 is that it will attract the enterprise’s bright spot in that it integrates an X16 LTE modem designed to handle Gigabit speeds, almost 10 times faster than the first generation of 4G LTE devices. Xiao Long 835 is an upgraded version of Xiao Long 820, it is smaller, lighter, and Xiao Long 820 compared to higher cost.


Qualcomm said Xiao Long 835 area efficiency increased by 30%, performance up to 27%. Because it uses a new specification design, containing 3 billion transistors, IP blocks are enhanced, and its power consumption is reduced by 40%. Lightweight processors allow OEMs to choose to add larger batteries to their devices to provide better device performance for home and business users while traveling.

Xiao Long 835 also allows ASUS, Lenovo and HP to produce fanless mobile PC(like Androidtablets, and smart phone) design. Qualcomm and Samsung, the use of 10 nanometer processing technology based on Samsung’s FinFET processing technology to improve the heat treatment technology to improve the power efficiency, thereby extending the battery life.

These devices will also use the 2×2 802.11ac MU-MIMO router components for 4G LTE and WiFi connections to run the Microsoft Windows 10 operating system.

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