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Android tablets: The big difference between china and foreign in sensor

May 25th 2017

Android tablets: The big difference between china and foreign in sensor

Micron Semiconductor’s main business is MEMS sensors. MEMS sensors are not far away from us, in fact there are MEMS gyroscopes we use the mobile phone and Android tablets.

To illustrate, the sensor and MEMS are two different things, many sensors are not MEMS, but by discrete devices or other special components to form. However, there is now a trend, that is, the use of integrated circuits to achieve the way the sensor function, a bit like the previous discrete devices to do the integrated circuit. The benefits of doing so are cost, stability, power consumption will be very good control, which is the charm of integrated circuits. But the lack of is the MEMS technology and manufacturing process is very close, the foundry no standard process, for the Fabless IC design company is too much trouble.

In the low-cost and better reliability in this regard, the United States and the new is still relatively good, in the country for a considerable comparative advantage, in shipments, the United States and the new semiconductor in the country or a leading position. However, if the international comparison, then the gap is more obvious. In the international market, ST and Bosch occupy the sensor market, most of the country, coupled with Texas Instruments, the United States analog devices and other companies carved out of the market, leaving the domestic company’s market share is very small in phone and Android tablets market.

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From a global perspective, in the MEMS company more successful Fabless manufacturers only InvenSense, not long ago by the Japanese TDK acquisition. InvenSense is the third company to make gyroscopes in the world, and the company’s MP67B 6-axis gyroscope and accelerometer solution is adopted by the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s.

But even so, InvenSense and ST, Bosch than the market share is also much worse. And InvenSense to develop today, and TSMC is also one of its investors are closely linked – because TSMC investment in InvenSense, specifically to a process line to adjust the specific process, in the process is also failed many times, And then TSMC almost to give up, and finally finally came.

From the above situation, in terms of volume, technology itself, there is a gap between the situation, coupled with MEMS technology and manufacturing process is very close, IDM manufacturers have inherent advantages, domestic Fabless manufacturers catch up with ST and Bosch is very difficult.

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