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BES Tablet PC Factory’s Spring Tour – Climbing Yangtaishan

March 28th 2018

BES Android Tablet PC Factory’s Spring Tour – Climbing Yangtaishan

Last week, BES Android Tablet PC Company held a spring climbing event. The slogan of this event was impossible is nothing for youngster. The main participants of this activity are all employees of BES Android Tablet PC company. The location of our event was selected in Yangtaishan Forest Park.

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Yangtaishan Forest Park is located in the northwestern part of ShenZhen, GuangDong Province, 21 kilometers from the city center. It covers an area of 28.5 square kilometers and the park’s topography is centered on the Taishan Mountain and extends around to form a high elevation and low height on all sides. There are abundant natural resources and landscape resources in the mountains. Yangtai Mountain’s annual Chongyang Festival Climbing Festival attracts thousands of people and often becomes the arena for young people to challenge their physical fitness.


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Along the way, there were many people climbing up with us. There were old gray-haired couples supporting each other. A young couple held hands encourage each other. There were also children taking their parents’ hands step by step to climb slowly! Everyone was struggling to reach the top of the hill. When you stop and breathe, one person after another will surpass you, and when you are struggling, you will go one after another. Why is it not like this on the road of life? You chase after me, aim for the ideal, work hard! Indeed, life is like mountaineering, everyone must firmly and solidly take every step of his life.

Although this mountaineering is exhausting and difficult, but the breath of fresh air on the mountain climbs, the intoxicating beauty along the way, the treacherous adventure on the mountain road, and the pavilion platform, famous verses, and calligraphy of the humanities make people feel relaxed and happy.


BES, we mind your needs!

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