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Andorid tablet: the still weak android tablet market

May 3rd 2017

Android tablet market still weak?

According to foreign media reports, the recent analysis of the company Localytics published a report on the android tablet market research report. The report shows that the development of the android tablet market is still a relatively sluggish situation. From the iPad’s market share can be seen, the popularity of the new Tablet PC can not be further popularization, the current iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4 user base is still 30%.


Localytics mentioned so far, there are still a large number of old users in the use of iPad Air before the old equipment, and Apple iPad Pro market share of only 7%. Although the performance of the new iPad than the old version to be much higher, but before the model has been able to meet the basic needs of users, so many users do not want to upgrade.


Last month, Trendforce released a new statistical report, 2016 iPad shipments of only 42 million units, down 14.1%. The report said last year, the global Tablet PC shipments of about 160 million units, down only 6.6% year on year, the overall look better than expected, let alone the android tablet.


On the other way, At present, the global flat panel display industry production base is mainly concentrated in Japan, South Korea, China Taiwan, mainland China. Among them, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan’s flat panel display industry has been more mature, formed with Sony, Sharp, Samsung, LG Electronics as the representative of a series of well-known flat panel display business, occupy the global flat panel display market dominance. China’s flat panel display industry started late, but the development is very fast. Since the 21st century, mainland China has gradually become the center of the global flat panel display industry layout, domestic and foreign flat panel display manufacturers have set up production bases in mainland China. So the more and more competitor in this market.

android tablet market

Trendforce also predicted that 2017 shipments will continue to decline, its market share will be further reduced.  The important solution is to find a new increased point in android tablet.

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