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Andorid tablet market: The increase output of fingerprint chips

June 8th 2017

Andorid tablet market: The increase output of fingerprint chips

In September 2013, with the launch of the Touch ID iPhone 5s, the smartphone and android tablet fingerprint recognition feature ushered in the rapid development and has become the standard. Fingerprint recognition, iris face recognition has become a growing trend in the field of consumer electronics industry, and once became a hot topic in the field of capital and industry. Sigmaintell data show that the first quarter of this year, the world’s fingerprint smart phone shipments shipped about 180 million, accounting for 53.7% of the total global smart phone shipments, an increase of about 18 percentage points, is expected in the second quarter Further rose to 57%. Specifically, the fingerprint identification chip market mainly presents the following characteristics:


First, with the continuous improvement of fingerprint identification penetration, new manufacturers to increase, the supply is relatively abundant, the price of fingerprint modules into the downstream channel.


Over the past year, fingerprint recognition has become the industry’s of smart phone and andorid tablet market new favorite. According to the published results of listed companies show that in 2016, the average gross margin remained at 40% -50%. However, with the increase in the number of new entrants, in 2017, the fingerprint chip industry is facing fierce challenges, especially in the first quarter, the coating (Coating) capacitive fingerprint identification module prices encountered fierce competition, and optical, It still takes time to develop maturity. According to Sigmaintell survey data, the first quarter of 2017 global fingerprint identification chip shipments of about 270 million, an increase of about 60.4%.

Andorid tablet market

Second, with the advent of a comprehensive screen, fingerprint chip factory is actively involved in research and development, fingerprint identification technology program will show diversification.


On smart phone and andorid tablet market, although Huawei P10, millet Mi6 have adopted the Huitie technology hidden Underglass fingerprint program, but still have the Home fingerprint area, Samsung S8 also had to make the fingerprint post-set. So as the android tablet market. It is understood that, although Synopsys optical front-end hidden fingerprint verification process encountered difficulties, optical program listing may be delayed, but the traditional capacitive front-end hidden fingerprint program may also be a breakthrough.

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