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New Era of Rugged Mobile Phones for Electronics – 5G Has Covered 378 Cities Worldwide

March 5th 2020

New Era of 5G Rugged Mobile Phones for Electronics – 5G Has Covered 378 Cities Worldwide

5G Rugged Mobile Phones

VIAVI Solutions recently released new industry data, showing the rapid expansion of 5G technology. According to VIAVI’s latest “Status of 5G Deployment” research report, as of January 2020, 378 cities in 34 countries around the world have deployed commercial 5G networks. This year is the fourth year that VIAVI has released the report.

South Korea is the country with the largest number of 5G deployment cities, which has successfully covered 85 cities; China is followed by 57 cities with 5G networks; the United States is followed by 50 cities; the United Kingdom is ranked fourth with 31 cities Deploy 5G. In terms of regional coverage, a total of 168 cities in EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) have deployed 5G networks, ranking first; Asia has 156 cities, ranking second; and 54 cities across the Americas have 5G coverage. Deployments include mobile and fixed wireless 5G networks.

As the battle for 5G gradually heats up, the VIAVI report shows that a number of operators are making efforts to deploy 5G in central cities with large populations. For example, in large cities such as Los Angeles and New York, up to five communications service providers (CSPs) deploy 5G networks simultaneously.

Sameh Yamany, Chief Technology Officer of VIAVI, said: “This is a mixed bag for 5G operators. The good thing is that although the commercial impact will not be immediate, a large number of new business applications are expected to drive operator profitability. What needs to be worried If operators do not take the lead, they will be left behind by competitors in the short-term marketing battle. ”

Sameh added: “Nevertheless, for operators, the primary driver will soon change from simply achieving 5G coverage to creating the best 5G network. Operators must also focus on the network while continuing to build 5G networks. Validation and verification is moving to advanced analytics and automated network troubleshooting. The battle for the best 5G networks is just beginning. “

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