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4G Tablet Will Be Applied To The New Technology

November 11th 2017

4G Tablet Will Be Applied To The New Technology

Qualcomm aimed at autopilot technology

Qualcomm introduced a new “one machine (C-V2X)” chipset, so that car manufacturers can more closely deploy the automatic driving vehicle required communication system. them expects the new chipset to be launched in the second half of 2018. Qualcomm’s new chip has been working with a number of brand cars, including Ford, Audi, PSA Group and SAIC
And its new chip will refer to the 9150 C-V2X chipset design, run the intelligent transportation system V2X stack application processor and hardware security module (HSM).
The extended communication range of the C-V2X chip can be supported by Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) support to provide more accurate positioning. C-V2X technology includes two transmission modes: direct communication and network-based communication. This is the key to security functions and the ability to achieve autonomous driving.

4G Tablet
For example, direct communication capabilities can improve the environmental awareness of vehicles by using low latency transmission techniques for detecting and exchanging information. Rely on the global unified 5.9 GHz ITS band, a variety of scenarios for information transmission. This eliminates the need for SIM cards, operators’ mobile communications services, and network assistance.
In addition, C-V2X network-based communications support 4G, 5G networks, support for remote information processing, and related infotainment and advanced information security applications. Malladi explained that with the expansion of communication capabilities and precise positioning, in a car network, a car will eventually be able to communicate with the car next to it. This is also an opportunity for 4G tablet.
Earlier this year, Qualcomm announced a report that by 2035, 5G will make the entire automotive industry, its supply chain and customer’s total economy reached 2.4 trillion US dollars. C-V2X chipset is Qualcomm’s latest move to the automotive market. Last fall, Qualcomm acquired NXP Semiconductors for $ 47 billion to help them enter the IOT and the automotive industry. However, the acquisition is still subject to regulatory review.

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