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3g tablet android: The monopolistic dispute on Qualcomm

May 18th 2017

3g tablet android: The monopolistic dispute on Qualcomm

US FTC (FTC) sues Qualcomm, which accused chip giant executives trying to monopolize the smartphone and 3g tablet android semiconductor market, Samsung and Intel are also cheering for the FTC, they raised the voice of Complaints.

Samsung is one of Qualcomm’s largest customers, Intel is one of Qualcomm’s largest competitor. On Friday, both companies spoke and supported FTC to prosecute Qualcomm. The two companies claimed that Qualcomm in the modern telephone system to master the basic patent, which uses these patents to combat competitors, not to allow them to compete fairly.

“Intel is prepared, willing and able to compete fairly in the marketplace,” Intel said in a publication on the Web, which has been dominated by Qualcomm for many years, but Qualcomm has built a chain of links through misuse of patents and unfair business practices fair competition.”

3g tablet android

Samsung said the company’s chip sector because Qualcomm is not willing to authorize the technology has been artificially hindered. Samsung said in the document: “Despite the request to Qualcomm, Samsung is not able to sell non-Samsung entities authorized Exynos chipset, because Qualcomm refused to Samsung’s request, does not allow Samsung to manufacture and sell licensed chipset.” Samsung is the world’s largest Of the smart phone and 3g tablet android manufacturers, its mobile phone components from multiple suppliers, both Samsung itself, including Qualcomm.

Because of business conduct, Qualcomm has faced legal and regulatory challenges in many parts of the world, including Apple’s prosecution. Qualcomm has some key patents, it is the basis of modern mobile phone and 3g tablet android system, Qualcomm most of the profits is derived from the patent license. Most of the cases revolve around a core, that is, the relationship between licensing fees and Qualcomm’s semiconductor business.

Last month, Don Rosenberg, General Counsel of Qualcomm, said the FTC’s allegations had many errors. “There is a fundamental flaw in FTC’s allegations against Qualcomm,” he said in a statement on Friday. “The latest documents submitted to the court failed to cover these shortcomings: lack of clear and consistent theory of competition, Solve the type of industry to file an allegation. “

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