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10 Inch Tablet PC: Share a new movie – The Shape of Water

March 19th 2018

10 Inch Tablet PC: Share a new movie – The Shape of Water

Last Monday, the 90th Oscar Awards came to an end, The Shape of Water has won four awards, including Best Motion Picture, Best Director, Best Arts Direction and Best Original Score. This Oscar best film is released in China today.

The Shape of Water tells the story of a cross-race love story between a mute woman living on the margins of society and a fisherman imprisoned in the Institute. Eliza was a deaf and mute person who worked as a cleaner in a government secret laboratory and accidentally discovered a half-man and a half fish in a huge water tank. She attracted the fisherman with an egg and music. Simple sign language became the bridge between the two parties. The fisherman gradually became an integral part of Eliza’s ordinary life. When two lonely souls found each other, Eliza decided to help him escape from the lab… From the wonderful experience of life to the test of life and death, a romantic story takes place between them.

10 Inch Tablet PC


The film distinguishes underwater and land by two shades, cyan and blue underwater, and warm colors such as gold. The intention of the film is not only reflected in the color, the whistle soundtrack is also a feature of The Shape of Water. The whistling sound characteristics match well with the mood of water and can easily trigger the imagination of the audience.

Nowadays, more and more people don’t want to go to the cinema because they’re tired after a day’s work. But they don’t want to miss such wonderful films like The Shape of Water. So we recommend a cost-effective 10 Inch Tablet PC to you, let you enjoy the audio-visual enjoyment of the cinema at home.

BES-MP1001T 10 inch 4G android tablet, high density pixel and 800:1 picture contrast, makes your mind felt realistic color and exquisite picture when you watch video, have a great fun and give you surprise when you are entertaining. The left and right speaker give you a surging voice. No matter you are listening music, watching movie or playing games, the sounds you hear should make you feel you are on the scene.

10 Inch Tablet PC

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