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10.1 Inch Windows10 Tablet PC

June 23rd 2017

10.1 Inch Windows10 Tablet PC Factory

Before the release of Surface Pro 3, the media has been rumors that Microsoft will launch a Surface Mini. But the final did not appear, and then the news that Microsoft is released at the last minute due to market demand and its waist cut, but the product is real, which in the subsequent company earnings, and even Surface Pro 3 instructions can be Find hints.

Microsoft has never commented on this, until the recent company vice president of the Pan (Panos Panay) to accept the “connection” interview, the official was officially recognized before all the rumors.

“It’s like a notebook,” Barnay said, “it’s very good.


10.1 inch windows10 tablet pc

Barnay daily use the Surface mini to handle the work, such as sending and receiving mail, record notes, browse pictures and so on. In fact, Barnie has been using the Surface Mini before realizing that the Surface Book must be positioned as a device beyond the functionality of the notebook. “(But unfortunately it) is not a device that can change the classification of notebook products.” Barnay pointed out.

As the Surface Mini in the consumer electronics market demand is not high, the product plan eventually regret to cancel. Barnay did not disclose whether the future will once again consider the launch of the product, but based on its interview in the answer, can be described as the first time Microsoft officially confirmed the existence of the Surface Mini.

This could not help but think of the iPad mini, this year’s Apple new conference, also chose more like Surface, began for industry applications 12.9-inch iPad Pro. With the rise of large-screen mobile phone with the promotion of the Tablet PC mixer, iPad mini this product may also gradually fade out of the market.

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