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10.1 inch windows tablet – Intel cloud conference solution makes it easy to meet at home

February 12th 2020

Intel cloud conference solution makes it easy to meet at home

In recent years, remote office and online collaboration have become the new normal for more and more enterprises. At the same time, the trend of “cloud SOHO” (small office, home office) has become increasingly prominent.
In fact, remote office is a common office form, and it is continuously developing with the improvement of the digitalization of enterprises. The data from Hobby Research shows that the mobile office market size was 5.37 billion yuan in 2012, and it soared to 19.44 billion yuan in 2017. It will grow to 47.83 billion yuan in 2020, and will continue to maintain a growth rate of more than 30% in the next few years.

Challenges faced by enterprise remote office systems.

Video conference is an important part of remote office work, and most enterprises have also deployed their own video conference systems. However, when enterprises are facing large-scale conference demand in a short period of time, or are forced to start a business continuity plan (BCP), the number of people, convenience and security requirements for video conferencing will raise higher requirements for remote office systems. Requirements, for example: Enterprise video conferencing places higher requirements on the smoothness, completeness, clarity, and security of information interaction. Technically, it requires low latency, anti-packet loss, and anti-jitter.

Many enterprises have no way to deploy a large number of devices in a short time. Cloud video conferencing services are deployed in the public cloud of the enterprise, so they need to meet the needs of personal devices to install the corresponding software to quickly complete the deployment.

Cloud video conferencing solution is cost effective

Facing these complex requirements, cloud video conference systems have become the most cost-effective choice for enterprises
In fact, during the development of the remote office system, the form of video conferencing has undergone two iterations, hard video conferencing and soft video conferencing. With the development of cloud computing, cloud video conferencing has emerged as the times require, and it is in the initial stage of development. Zoom-led video conferencing vendors are booming. 
For enterprises, the adoption of cloud video conference system can achieve zero deployment, save operating costs, and access from all platforms to achieve meetings anytime, anywhere, improve work efficiency, and improve remote collaboration.

Intel supports remote office systems

From a server perspective, Intel processors have powerful general-purpose performance, stability, reliability, and compatibility, which are conducive to rapid deployment and expansion; high data bandwidth, strong forwarding capabilities, and low latency; meanwhile, they have high security and can protect customer privacy.
Currently, Intel is using its leading technology from the cloud to the end to meet the increasingly complex usage requirements of enterprises for remote collaboration, especially cloud conferences. In the future, Intel will continue to leverage its cloud-to-end software and hardware advantages and leading ecological “friend circle” to work with partners to create overall smart conference solutions, thereby effectively improving corporate office efficiency and accelerating the implementation of corporate digital transformation the imagination of collaborative office.

Basic 10.1 inch windows tablet – Meet all your work and meeting needs!

10.1 inch windows tablet

BES-W1001Q 10.1 inch windows tablet with a 10.1″ HD (1280 x 800) display, everything will look crisp and clear. Plus with IPS technology, you won’t lose any details or colour saturation when viewing the screen from wide angles.

An outstanding Touchpad allows for smooth scrolling and screen navigation experiences.


Model: BES-W1001Q

CPU: Intel Intel Z8350, Quad-cores, 1.5-2.4GHz)

System: Windows 10

Screen: 10.1 Inch IPS, 1280*800, Capacitive Screen

RAM+ROM: 2GB+32GB / 4GB+64GB

Battery: 7000mAh


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